DOLCE & GABBANA: lovely Alta Moda Show in Palermo

This weekend was very special, because Dolce & Gabbana introduced their new collection and it was literally breathtaking. The whole spectacular show was held in Palermo (Sicily) as a tribute. I think the words are not enough to express the real feelings from this show, you just have to see it! 

Backstage at Alta Moda Fashion Show in Palermo (credit)

The whole show was held in the magnificent premises/places of Piazza Pretoria (also known as square of Shame) in Palermo. The interior was beautiful, but what was more than this? That wonderful collection from Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce, which has been telling the story in the most beautiful way. 

The collection was interesting and bold, featuring plenty of intricate headpieces and strikingly printed ballgowns. There was also a wide range of colors and collection had fantastic playful look. Every single model looked Bohemian and royal, and when the collection was presented in a place like Piazza Pretoria, the overall result was more than believable.

Backstage at Alta Moda Fashion Show in Palermo (credit)

Wonderful fashion show (credit)


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